What you resist persists

Don’t persist to resist change

Posted by Viola Woolcott

Change isn’t easy and most of us postpone it, even if we know that it would be best for us. Change may mean discomfort and we cover up that discomfort by redecorating, taking trips or maybe even rearranging our environment.

Be aware: These are distractions to avoid change.

A lot of people deny that they need change and before they know it, the Universe makes itself known and they find it impossible to avoid their issues. Lets face it, there is no Knight in shining armour who will come to your rescue, so don’t count on ‘outside’ forces. And always remember that the Universe isn’t going to save you from yourself. Only you can make the shift. If you refuse to make changes, don’t expect your life to improve. It’s as simple as that!

To make that final ‘leap’, most have to be with their back against the wall and I’m sure we have all experienced getting messages from the Universe that we need to deal with certain things. It may be a friendship or relationship that we may have outgrown, issues with our current job or even that we need to relocate. Maybe you are not being appreciated, or someone ignores your talents. Get it? The Universe is telling you to be more committed to your own wellbeing. If you ignore the messages, well… you are in for a surprise. Things will deteriorate, fall apart, get worse instead of getting better. Time passes…… and so will your options. Now what? Does it have to get any worse before you get the message and take some action?

It takes a lot of motivation and you have to be really committed to ‘walk’ in a different direction… to choose a different path… to make that shift. And before people decide to make that shift their life has to get intolerable. No one BUT you can put you on a new path. I know, it is uncomfortable at first, but without your work it won’t happen.

Contemplate and plan for change! It does happen that the Universe bails you out of some difficult situations, that is, when your mind is clear. But that doesn’t mean that you be rescued by the Universe every time you pray for help. Change your behaviour. Learn from your experiences or you will receive less and less assistance.

When you feel that something isn’t right, or doesn’t work out right, something in your life needs to be addressed. Bring awareness to your issues. Take stock. What feels uncomfortable? Where lies the problem? What has caused the problem? And what is it you want to change?

Visualise the improvement you want in your life. What is it that you want to attract or manifest? Prepare emotionally as well as mentally. No matter how small, write down all of the things and all of the steps you plan to take to start putting ‘change’ into action. Motivate yourself and stay focused. And who knows what opportunities the Universe will bring your way.

What are you willing to do?…
… and what are you not willing to do? How far will you go to get what you deserve?

Personal thought:
I could tell you a story or two about my own life and believe me, I KNOW it’s bloody hard to make changes and really, don’t we all know it? There are so many people out there that ‘moan’ about their lives to me, about their jobs and relationships in particular. I listen to it over and over again. But they never make the ‘jump’ and change, so what do they expect? By doing the same thing over and over, how can you expect different results? Don’t persist to resist change!

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

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