In Brazil, Some Inmates Get Therapy With Hallucinogenic Tea

In Brazil, Some Inmates Get Therapy With Hallucinogenic Tea

Thought this made interesting reading. Maybe that’s one way of making the inmates ‘see’. Be interested to know what your thoughts are on this.

The provision of ayahuasca, a psychedelic brew used in the Amazon basin for centuries, to inmates on short furloughs reflects a quest to ease pressure on Brazil’s prison system.


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Drinking pasteurized milk is not as good as the dairy industry has made it out to be

Drinking pasteurized milk is not as good as the dairy industry has made it out to be

Milk is the only beverage which is still aggressively pushed on children as a health promoting food. Where really it is the exact opposite. Milk is a disease promoting food. Drinking heat treated, pasteurized milk is not nearly as good for general health or bones as the dairy industry has made it out to be. In fact, this fairy tale of “milk doing a body good” is being exposed more frequently by many independent scientists and researchers who have had just about enough of the propaganda. According to a large scale study of thousands of Swedish people, cow’s milk has a deteriorating effect on health when consumed in the long-term. The research was published in The BMJ.

Study Tracking Over 100,000 People Finds The More Pasteurized Milk People Drink, The More Likely They Are To Die

Milk is ALL else but a healthy ‘beverage’, let alone needed for calcium. Lies and myth!!

Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Peers

A 20 year old study from the 1990’s has recently surfaced that compares unvaccinated children to vaccinated children. The study concludes that those who were vaccinated were more likely to suffer from the following illnesses: 

asthma  eczema ear infections hyperactivity and many other chronic conditions. 

There was a 10-fold increase in cases of tonsillitis in the children who were vaccinated and a 100% absence of tonsillitis in those unvaccinated.

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The vaccine matrix: covert birth control, female sterility

PLEASE people. Don’t ignore and wake up to the facts that YOU are being used!!!

In the vaccine research community, it’s an open secret that the Rockefeller Fund, the UN, and other groups have been backing the development of vaccines that function as agents of population control. This work has been going on for decades. 


We’re talking about inducing female sterility. 


Through which vaccine? Tetanus, for example, which is given with the diphtheria and pertussis vaccines in a one-shot combination…

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Polish Study Confirms Vaccines Can Cause Large Number of Adverse Effects

Despite the conviction of the necessity and safety of vaccinations, there are a number of studies coming forward that illustrate the potential dangers they may pose.

A scientific review published by the Department of Paediatric Rehabilitation from the Medical School at the University of Bialystok has determined that there are a number of neurological adverse events that follow vaccination.

This research is specific to Polish vaccinations, but is still useful given the fact that many ingredients used and examined in the study are still used in vaccinations all over the world. 

The University of Bialystok is a well known medical university that has published a tremendous amount of research on various topics.  There’s evidence that’s out there supporting the hazards of vaccines that is irrefutable.

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Why are we torturing our children with toxic injections?

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Fantastic Fungi: The Spirit of Good | Paul Starnets

Fantastic Fungi: The Spirit of Good | Paul Starnets

Absolutely amazing filming and time lapse.

The fungal-fantastical. Emerging from their axial homes, fungi are beginning to be understood as nutrients to the human consciousness and ecological sustainability. Paul explores mycology and compels support for your own good nature and our fungal allies. This is the first in a collaboration of Louie Schwartzberg of Blacklight films ( ) and Paul Stamets of Fungi Perfecti ( ).

One third of our food source comes from the soil. And where does soil come from? What is the foundation of life on Earth? Do you ever ask yourself those sort of questions? Or do you just take life for granted?

Soil comes from the largest organism on the planet. Which can feed you, heal you, clean up toxic oil spills, AND, it can even shift your consciousness.

Published on 23 Jan 2012
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Fantastic Fungi – a film by Louie Schwartzberg

Detoxify, Improve Your Digestion, Boost Your Metabolism And Energy Levels

Detoxify, Improve Your Digestion, Boost Your Metabolism And Energy Levels

In today’s modern world you’re bombarded with toxins all the time. From the polluted air you breathe to the water you drink to the shampoos and other cosmetics that cover your body with chemicals. And not to forget all of the chemical additives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other harmful compounds in the food that you consume on a daily basis.

We all know that TOXINS are harmful and have harmful effects on our body, harming our metabolism, harming our hormones, impairing our digestive system, let alone zapping our energy levels.

I don’t know about you, but there is ONE thing that I do and that you could do each morning straight away as you wake up. It’s such a liberating feeling to help your body eliminate some of these toxins, improve your digestion, stimulate your metabolism, and give you system a BOOST of energy. BUT, the question is, would you do it?

On waking, squeeze an organic FRESH (not concentrate) lemon into a glass of warm purified water (it’s always best to drink warm water as it is easier on the system then cold or even icy water). Drink on an empty stomach, at least 10-15 minutes before eating any food.

3 Major benefits to your body, health, and energy:

1. Improves your digestion:

Lemon juice helps your body improve digestion. Stimulates bile production. Aids heartburn and indigestion.

2. Boosts your energy for the day:

Just the scent of lemon juice improves your mood and energy levels. Reduces anxiety. Has detoxifying effect. The alkalising effect of fresh organic lemon juice improves your energy through the removal of toxins.

3. Helps you to lose fat:

The facts that lemon juice improves your digestive system, aids in the removal of toxins, and hugely increases your energy levels, this all combines together to help you to lose body fat and improve your hormonal balance. One more vital reason to add warm organic lemon water to your every morning routine!


The health promoting benefits of lemons are powerful. It has been known for centuries that lemons contain powerful antibacterial, antiviral and immune boosting components. Lemons don’t just smell delicious and make your skin soft, they are a great digestive aid and liver cleanser.

Lemons are full of goodness. They contain citric acid, magnesium, bio-flavonoids, vitamin C, pectin, calcium and limonene, which all supercharge our natural immunity so that our body can fight infection.

They are considered one of the most alkalising foods you can consume. On their own, they are acidic. And you probably been told this many times. But in the body, lemons are alkaline; once metabolised, the citric acid does not create acidity. The minerals in lemons are what helps to alkalise our blood. A lot of people suffer with acidity (from eating too much sugar and grains), and by drinking warm lemon water they can reduce overall acidity. Warm lemon water draws uric acid from the joints, which reduces the pain as well as the inflammation which many people suffer with. Warm lemon water also encourages regular bowel movements.

So what do you say? Are you going to start having warm, organic lemon water first thing in the morning?

The Aspartame Story – The true history of an artificial sweetener

The Aspartame Story – The true history of an artificial sweetener

Disgusting really what we are expected to use/eat/drink just because it is available on the shop shelves. And believe you me, aspartame (artificial sweetener for that matter) has NEVER helped anyone in any way. So why do you support it?

This is an online comic by Kreska, telling the story of a dangerous chemical sweetener that made it to market against the recommendations of the scientists Aspartame has been causing serious adverse reactions in those who consume artificially sweetened foods.


Lots of information there if you’re a user, but also if you just know someone who is …


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The Top 5 Documentaries about Factory Farms

The Top 5 Documentaries about Factory Farms

Submitted by Maria Ramos

Everywhere you go, you can easily buy a cheap burger or an order of chicken nuggets. In this world full of delicious food and dollar menus, we are completely disconnected from the source of our food, with no concept of how it was produced or how much suffering went into our meal.

Factory farms are responsible for almost all of the meat we see in restaurants and on supermarket shelves, and the consequences of this type of animal agriculture are dire, not only for the animals who are abused through this system, but also for our health, the economy, and the environment. Many people are completely unaware of the seriousness of this issue. For those wanting to get a deeper understanding of the problems with factory farms, here are the top five documentaries that expose the harsh reality behind this practice.

Indigestible: The Film (2014)

This 90 minute film’s goal is to help the youth of today understand the connection between their food and the suffering of animals. Many people imagine farms as wonderful places where animals roam free and get plenty of fresh air and sunlight, but this could not be further from the truth. This documentary shows the cruelty that animals suffer as they are forced to live in extreme confinement. Many are mutilated for the convenience of the companies that breed them, and almost all of them are bred to be so large that their bodies cannot support their growth. This dark and painful existence is all done in the name of lower prices and bigger profits, and this film shows it all.
Click here for more information: Ingestible: The Film

Farm to Fridge (2011)

Although this documentary short runs for only 12 minutes, the impact it leaves on viewers lingers for much longer. “Farm to Fridge” doesn’t just report on the facts of factory farms; it shows exactly what happens behind closed doors, when the companies think no one is watching. The footage is caught on hidden camera, giving a glimpse into the true lives of these abused pigs, chickens and cows.
Click here for more information: Farm to Fridge

Cock Fight (2015)

Cock Fight approaches the cruelties of the modern animal agriculture industry from a different angle. While it certainly touches on the abuse that these animals face, this film mostly focuses on the impact of these businesses on the farmers. In this Fusion network documentary Craig Watts, a whistle-blower who shares his story, explains that American farmers have no control over the way that the animals they raise are treated. They are forced to perform inhumane executions on the animals and are paid very unfair wages, often leaving them on the edge of losing everything they own.
Click here for more information: Cock Fight (2015)

Food, Inc. (2008)

This ground-breaking film is easily one of the most well-known documentaries on this list. It’s often compared to Super Size Me as another film that served as a major wake up call to the American public. It focuses on the industrialization of the food industry and how it impacts human health and the economy. It empowers viewers to improve the situation by choosing to only buy from companies who ethically produce their food, ultimately forcing companies to either produce higher quality products, or go out of business.
Click here for more information: Food, Inc (2008)

Vegucated (2011)

In stark contrast from the shock and terrify approach some other anti-meat documentaries take, “Vegucated” follows the personal journeys of three meat lovers from New York who vow to follow a vegan diet for six weeks. The film tackles the issues many people face when making this big lifestyle change, showing how these former carnivores overcome their obstacles and reap the benefits of improved health and weight loss. It also touches on the environmental benefits of a vegan lifestyle, as factory farms lead to pollution from huge amounts of animal waste.

A change needs to happen in the animal agriculture industry. The damage these practices cause to our bodies, our planet and the very animals we consume will only continue if nothing is done about it. These documentaries are a great start in the efforts to educate the public about the dangers of factory farms; after all, everyone should know what their food really costs, not only to them, but to the animals and people that produced it.

Click here for more information: Vegucated

Nice Skin Never Goes Out Of Fashion | Raw Passion, Organic & Vegan Skin Food

Nice Skin Never Goes Out Of Fashion | Raw Passion, Organic & Vegan Skin Food

It’s very true really, isn’t it?

Nice Skin Never Goes Out Of Fashion

We all strive to be healthy and to look radiant. Our skin reflects our health. Choose from a variety of RAWsome, deliciOUs Skin Foods.

Heavenly Hemp
Thyme, Eucalyptus & Ginger Vapor Rub
Luscious Lavender
Inky Pinky
ZiNgY Lemon Serum
Bath Bars (Various flavours)
Bath Melts (Various flavours)
Rose & Geranium Spritzer
Detox Salts & Cotton Socks :-)
Flannels / Wash Cloth and and and ….. and watch that space for our PawPassion.Rocks products for your canine companion :-)

So what are you waiting for??

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